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UNDO is used to reverse the last graphics command.


In general, UNDO is able to reverse structural modifications involving commands susch as RING, CHAIN, FUSE etc. and the specification of 2D- and 3D-constraints.

It cannot undo changes to any of QUEST3D's files. Thus it cannot undo DEFINE- STRUCTURE, tests composed in the NUMERIC and TEXT sub-menus, STORE- FRAGMENT in the FILES menu, etc.

UNDO is especially useful in the BUILD menu, allowing you to redraw the structure with no incorporation of the last change made to it. In the EDIT menu it can be used to quickly test the effect of applied edit operations.

If you select UNDO a second time then you will be back to your original position.

If the last command cannot be undone and if you try to do so you will get an alert followed by:

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