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LABEL-CARBONS allows you to toggle on and off the labelling of carbon atoms in the structure.


Sometimes, the drawing area becomes very cluttered with lots of atom labels, most of which are carbons. You can turn carbon labels on and off by toggling the LABEL-CARBONS command.

When carbon labels are present on the structure, LABEL-CARBONS is switched on and there is a red box round the command. When LABEL-CARBONS is turned off, the red box disappears and the carbon labels are removed from the structure.

The carbon labels remain switched off until LABEL-CARBONS is switched on again.

The LABEL-CARBONS command applies only to the WHOLE structure and cannot be applied to individual atoms, residues or boxes. Because of this, you must be careful to watch out for possible errors as freestanding (i.e., unbonded) carbon atoms will be invisible and will not appear on the screen. They will be present in the atom and bond connectivity records produced when you select TYPE in the BUILD or SEARCH menus.

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