Volume 2 Chapter 4 Display Menus RENDER HYDR

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In a very few entries in the database, the text comments are just too long to fit on a single screen.

It is hoped that future versions of the 1D display will allow users to customise the menu contents.

Until then, in the unlikely event of important pieces of information running off the bottom of the screen, you can use the MORE button in the 2D menu to display the full 1D information in the scrolling dialog area.

Graphics QUEST3D Procedure

Suppose that we wish to increase the number of characters displayed in each line of text in the 1D display. Users of the X Windows implementations may find this particularly useful when using porportionally-spaced fonts.

The display is redrawn, with 95 characters per line.

You may store your chosen value in your QUEST configuration file, so that it us used automatically every time you run QUEST.

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Volume 2 Chapter 4 Display Menus RENDER PACK.