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SUMMARY is used to toggle the display, in the summary area of the screen, of the essential components of 3D commands created by the application of the DEFINE, SETUP, TRANSFORM etc. commands.


By default the SUMMARY button is active so that summary information of 3D commands is displayed in the top-left of the screen - see DIST 3 6 in Fig.(i) below.

Fig. (i)

The button can be toggled so that if it is selected while surrounded by a red box then the red box disappears and all summary information also disappears - see Fig.(ii) below.

Fig. (ii)

If more than 20 lines of 3D-Constraints have been specified these may be scrolled up or down, one at a time, by clicking in or respectively.

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Volume 2 Chapter 3 3D-Constrain Sub-menu SYMM-CHECK.