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REPEAT is used as a short-cut in generating multiple occurrences of an "internal" repeat unit.


Suppose we wish to search for structures containing (i) - see below.

We might proceed as follows:

Build fragment (ii).

The above example illustrates the use of REPEAT for a simple case, where the repeat unit is just one atom. It can be used for more complex repeat units e.g. (iv).

The correct order of point selection is as shown in (v). If you get the points in the wrong order, the program sounds an alert and produces the error message:

The maximum number of different repeat units allowed in one structure is 9.

Note also that you are NOT allowed to define a repeat unit within a ligand, or vice-versa.

To edit and delete repeat units see EDIT-REP and DEL-REP in the EDIT menu (chapter 5).

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