Volume 1 Chapter 4 Getting Started Overview

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4.2.1 VMS

At $ prompt type CSD

You will then see something similar to the following:

The ">" is the QUEST prompt. This means that the program is now awaiting instructions.

Additional information that may be obtained from the above start-up text is as follows:

Note: The very first time you run QUEST, you will see an additional message, asking you to read the conditions of use, and state whether you accept these conditions or not. The message begins as follows:

You should read the ensuing messages carefully and answer the prompts accordingly. The message appears once per user, each time a new version of the Cambridge Structural Database software is installed, or after your System Manager has done an image backup and restore.

Problem 1

If you see the following

you probably did not type

before typing the QUEST instruction. This command sets up the necessary information for your VAX/AXP to know where the CCDC software resides on your machine.

Problem 2

If you see the following

you need to ask the person who installed the software at your site to create the authorisation file, by following the instructions in the message above. (This situation will occur on initial installation and when backup operations have removed the authorisation file.)

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Volume 1 Chapter 4 Starting QUEST under UNIX.