Volume 1 Chapter 3 2D-CONSTRAIN Menu

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3.1.4 EDIT Menu

The EDIT menu allows you to modify a fragment that you have already built. Of particular use is the SYMMETRY command, for replicating portions of an existing fragment.

When editing diagrams in this menu the first action is to select the entity to be edited. For example, you may wish to edit just a single RESIDUE or you may wish to edit the WHOLE structure. Once you have specified what you would like to edit, you select the editing command. For example, selecting CENTRE moves all selected atoms so that their centre is located at the middle of the Drawing Area.

You should note that certain editing commands may be greyed-out (or invisible), depending on which fragment ("entity") you have selected. For example, it would be nonsensical to wish to change the element of a bond. PERIODIC-TABLE Sub-menu

This sub-menu has been discussed already in

3.1.5 FILES Menu

The FILES menu allows you to store one or more fragments, using the STORE-FRAGMENT command, and then retrieve them later, using the FETCH-FRAGMENT command.

This may be useful should you need to pause, for some reason, whilst building a complicated fragment.

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Volume 1 Chapter 3 SEARCH Menu plus TEXT and NUMERIC Sub menus.