Volume 1 Chapter 2 Control Instructions

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2.10 The Search Question and the Initiation of the Search

Graphics QUEST3D Procedure

In QUEST3D the search question is normally composed by the logical combination of tests already defined.

Suppose we have defined 2 tests, T1 being a 2D fragment test and T2 being a numeric test.

Two commands are available for the combination of tests, viz. QUEST and FASTQUEST.

This search question requires that both tests T1 and T2 must be satisfied for a hit to be registered.

At this point if we select START-SEARCH then the search is initiated.

Note that if only one test has been defined then selection of FASTQUEST automatically initiates the search process.

The command START, located in the SEARCH menu, must be used to initiate the search in the following cases:

Basic QUEST Procedure

In QUEST the search question is composed by simply typing the question line, eg.

QUES  T1  .AND.  T2

When <RETURN> is pressed at the end of the question line the search is initiated.

The instruction START is also used in QUEST for the three situations listed above.

If you type STAR and press <RETURN> then the search is initiated.

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Volume 1 Chapter 2 Display of the Results of the Search.