Volume 1 Chapter 1 The Graphical System

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1.6 Guide to the Documentation

The documentation associated with the October 1992 release of the CSDS consists of 4 volumes:

In documenting the CSDS the decision was taken to incorporate in one set of volumes the details for both Basic QUEST and Graphics QUEST3D. The contents of each of the volumes is now summarised.

1.6.1 Volume 1

As its name suggests, this volume gives an overview of the CSDS but it should be noted that the vast bulk of the volume is devoted to Basic QUEST and Graphics QUEST3D.

Chapters 14 and 15 provide very brief introductions to the programs GSTAT and PLUTO.

For a thorough understanding of 2D and 3D searching it is essential that all users read chapters 6 and 7.

1.6.2 Volume 2

This volume is divided into 11 chapters, each devoted to a menu or sub-menu, and within each chapter the commands are listed alphabetically to form a "glossary" volume.

This volume contains the very detailed information associated with the search commands.

Although the volume is organised in terms of QUEST3D menus and sub-menus, it also contains the equivalent procedures relevant to Basic QUEST.

Where appropriate, this volume also provides valuable notes on CSD contents and these should assist the user in optimising the formulation of search tests.

1.6.3 Volume 3

This volume is divided into two parts - a set of 14 appendixes related to Basic QUEST and Graphics QUEST3D; also the formats of files output by these programs. Two of the appendixes (12 and 13) contain important details of procedures available for the computer-dependent implementations, viz. VMS, Silicon Graphics and SUN, including the utility software components RETFIL and CSDCONVERT.

1.6.4 Volume 4

This volume provides full details of how to use the programs GSTAT and PLUTO.


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