Postscript Editor part 2

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7. Help

The pop-up Help is available in all of the windows of Vista 2.0. To find out more information about a particular button click on it and text relating to that function will appear.

It is also possible to find out more information by typing a phrase in the text field.

8. References and Notes

Many of the statistical routines employed in Vista 2.0 are taken from the CAMAL Subroutine Library summarized in:

Taylor, R., J. Applied Cryst., 1986, 19, 90-91.

For further information on basic statistical terms and their calculation refer to any comprehensive undergraduate textbook, such as:

Snedecor, G.W. & Cochran, W.G., Statistical Methods, 1980, Iowa State University Press.

For a summary of principal component analysis see for example:

Auf der Heyde, T.P.E., J. Chem. Educ., 1990, 67, 461-469.

Chatfield, C. & Collins, A.J., Introduction to Multivariate Analysis, 1980, London, Chapman and Hall.

Circular methods are used to generate descriptive statistics for torsion angles:

Allen, F.H. & Johnson, O., Acta Cryst., 1991, B47, 62-67.

Conical correction applies specifically to D-H...A angles in H-bonded systems. For details of this see:

Stouten, P.F.W., Van Eijck, B.P. & Kroon, J., J. Mol. Struct., 1991, 243, 61-87.

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