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4. Correlation/Covariance Spreadsheet

See related section 1.7 for details of how to perform a correlation/covariance analysis.

This menu displays both the correlation and the covariance matrices. As they are both symmetrical about the diagonal, they can be displayed simultaneously.

The covariance values have yellow cells and the correlation values have white cells.

To assist the analysis, the correlation figures which are considered to be significant are colour coded. There are two levels of significance. By default these values are 0.6 (blue) and 0.8 (pink).

The colour code bar at the bottom displays the two values in text fields. Both of these text fields are editable. Hitting RETURN or selecting the re-compute button will instruct the routine to read the value and re-colour the cells accordingly.

If the values entered are incorrect the old values are retained. Correct values will satisfy the criteria 0.0 <= blue <= pink <= 1.0.

See section 8 for details of statistical functions.

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