Plot part 2

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2.2 Set Axes

Vista 2.0 allows greater degree of flexibility with the presentation of the plot axes than was present in version 1.0. These can now be tailored to suit individual specifications. The text fields permit the editing of the X/Y limits and the X/Y bin sizes.

The Define Limits check box disables/enables the X/Y limits text fields. With Define Limits off, the text fields are greyed out, preventing any text input. Attempts to type will be unsuccessful.

The bin values are only relevant for the colour density, numerical density, contour and histogram plots. The bin text fields are greyed out for other modes. Changing the bin values can have a profound effect on the visual appearance of a plot and experimentation with this option to find the most representative plot is recommended.

toggles the plot grid on/off.

Square Axes
ensures that both the X and Y axis lengths are the same. This forces the layout of the plot to change in order to accommodate the new graph shape. The plot summary is positioned to the right of the plot and the figures are listed vertically in one column. With Square Axes off, the plot becomes rectangular with the width maximized. The plot summary is positioned beneath the plot in a fashion similar to the plot output from Vista 1.0.

Show Axes
toggles the axes on/off for the plot.

Show Ticks
toggles the axial markers on/off

Show Numbering
toggles the axial numbering schemes (labels) on/off.

2.3 Text

In version 1.0, the title and axial labels were set by default. The pop-up menu available in Vista 2.0 allows the user to change the default expressions and create their own plot labels. The check boxes for each text item can be used to dictate whether or not a text item appears on plot.

the default title "Y vs X" is generated automatically. Should the title be suppressed, the Y axis will generally lengthen, as there is free space where the title was.

X/Y axis
up to 20 characters are permitted for the axial labels. Disabling either of these labels will not change the plot dimensions.

this is the plot statistics summary.The min., max, mean, mean sd etc. are

listed in the Analysis Summary. As mentioned in section 2.2, the position of the summary is dependent on the plot shape. If the Square Axes option is disabled and the Analysis Summary option is also disabled, the plot will expand to fill the free space.

Text Size
as with the spreadsheet, the text size used for annotation can be redefined. Values from 10 to 150 pixels are currently permitted. The size of the text can have a profound effect on the plot dimensions, as everything is scaled relative to the Text Size.

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