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Vista 2.0 Manual

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Vista version 2.0 is the direct replacement for its version 1.0 predecessor. Version 2.0 incorporates a wider range of functionality and allows the user a greater degree of flexibility in the analysis of the geometrical parameters saved from a Quest3D search of the CSD. This greater versatility results from the use of spreadsheets to manipulate and analyse data in Vista 2.0, and from the further development of ideas first presented in version 1.0.

The following chapters give an overview of the many different functions available through Vista 2.0. The chapters are arranged according to menu and sub-menu order, and full details of certain functions are given in the most appropriate chapter, with cross-references to these descriptions provided throughout the remaining text of this User Guide.

To run version 2.0, you issue the usual Vista command line syntax:-

vista junk
You can also run Vista with no filename specified. This will cause Vista to look for the default Quest files, namely, quest.fgd, etc. If these files are unavailable, an error pop-up will inform you.

The current data limits for Vista 2.0 are 50 parameters and 10,000 fragments. The maximum number of points allowed to be plotted is 5000.

If you experience any problems with Vista 2.0 please contact us with details at:

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Section 1. Spreadsheet .