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5.2 PLUTO Worked Examples

Example 1: Simple Ball-and-Spoke Sytle

This example uses the data for ABBUMO10, which had been selected as a hit during a QUEST search, and is the first item in the probname.dat file. The first display will be the default style of stick drawing with element colour coding.

Example 1: Solid atom view of ABBUMO10

Then try out rotation and moving to other entries:

Example 2: Some Simple Labelling and Geomtery Display

Example 2: Stick view of ABBUMO10 with distance, angle and torsion angle.

Staying with the previous data entry ABBUMO10, try the following :

Example 3: Space Filling Style and Packing

Example 3(a): Space filling view of ABBUMO10.

Example 3(b): Packing diagram of ABBUMO10, viewed down b axis.

Example 3(c): Packing diagram with van der Waals radii

Example 4: Hydrogen Bonds

Example 4: Expanded network of H-bonds (ABBUMO10)

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