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5.1 Introduction

PLUTO is a program which is used to display database entries previously selected by QUEST. It allows easy visualisation of molecules in 3D in a variety of styles, and also exploration of its environment in the crystal via H-bonded networks and packing diagrams. For a full description of PLUTO, see Vol.4, Chapters 10 to 14.

PLUTO Input Files

PLUTO takes its input from a file created by QUEST3D, by selection of the SAVE FDAT option in the SEARCH or QUEST menus, and KEEP for each hit entry. If the QUEST command was `quest probname' then the FDAT file is named probname.dat, and contains the crystallographic cell, symmetry and atom coordinates. PLUTO can also read non-CSD data in an easy-to-type format (see Vol.4, p.14-9).

To Start PLUTO:


PLUTO requests the type of terminal you are using, e.g. X-windows, Tektronix 4200 Series terminal etc. The PLUTO menu is then shown displaying the first entry in probname.dat file.


The menu options are grouped approximately into `Style', `Content', and `View'. Select the Help button and any button to get on-line help on that button. The best way to understand the menu options is to work through some simple examples which now follow.

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