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2.4 QUEST3D: Menu Functions

Query Construction

BUILD		Construct Chemical Fragment

PERIODIC TABLE Select element types or groups

TEMPLATES Select pre-drawn fragments

EDIT Edit chemical diagrams

2D CONSTRAIN Add chemical constraints

3D CONSTRAIN Add geometrical parameters and constraints

SEARCH Construct 1D search queries, define output files, initiate

TEXT Construct TEXT query TEST's

NUMERIC Construct NUMERIC query TEST's

SCREENS Define search SCREEN settings

ELEMENT Element/element group TEST's

FORMULAE Molecular formula TEST's

REDUCED CELLS Cell parameter TEST's

PEPTIDE-SEQ Amino-acid sequences in CSD peptides

PDB-SEQ Sequences in Protein Data Bank (PDB)

PRINT Define print style/content for 1D info.

QUEST Validate TEST's, create search QUESTION

QUEST3D now searching

DISPLAY		Displays and selects hits

2D/3D Chem. diag., Cryst. diag., 1D info. summary

2D Chem. diag., 1D info. summary

3D Cryst. diag.

1D 1D info. complete

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