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1.1 Introduction

The Cambridge Structural Database System has two major components:

In October 1992 the information content of the database itself was considerably upgraded by comparison with any earlier releases. This upgraded database is denoted as Version 5 of the CSD.

The software system is available in two forms:

Both of these systems are fully described in a five-volume documentation set available from the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre: All academic institutions and most industrial subscribers have access to the Interactive Graphical Search System (programs QUEST3D, VISTA and PLUTO) operating from the upgraded Version 5 database. This introductory Guide, "Getting Started with the CSD System", is designed for users of the Graphics Software only. Users of the Basic Software System must consult the main documentation set.

"Getting Started with the CSD System" covers:

The Guide is designed to cover most day-to-day applications of the CSD System and, together with the interactive prompts and on-line HELP features, should allow users to explore the System in considerable depth. However, cross-references are provided to the main documentation set, to indicate more detailed descriptions of specific points. The CCDC will be grateful for notification of any errors or perceived omissions from this Introductory Guide. Please contact CCDC User Support as indicated on the title pages.

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