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2.7 Export

Writes one or more of the current entries to an external file. The radio buttons allow you to select one of the following export options:

There are currently three types of output file format available. These can be changed by clicking on the desired button. Full format descriptions are given in Section 4.

Selecting SAVE invokes a pop-up window with your current directory details listed. Select a file to save as, or type in a new name.

Which format to use?

Normally you will output your entries into a private database using the ASER file format. If you are creating a new database simply input the desired name, (e.g. project1) and all of the necessary database files will be created automatically.

If you have problem entries that are not yet ready for writing to the database, use the BCCAB format. This exports a plain text file which you can return to at a later date and proceed with PreQuest (e.g. problem1.bcc)

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