Pluto Version 515 - April 1998 Release

There have been several important enhancements to the Pluto program resulting from recent research activities which are included in this release. These are particularly useful in exploring H-bonded networks and general visualisation of molecular crystal packing. These features should provide a wide range of options for selection of portions of a crystal structure in order to produce diagrams for research and publication.

Some of these features are still under development and we would welcome comments and feed-back from users. This will be valuable in assisting our planning of the new Molecular and Crystal Visualiser for Version 6 of CSDS.

This document summarises many features of the current release Pluto program, grouped according to function. Although many commands described here have been documented before, at least in part, we have included them for the sake of clarity, and to encourage their use and evaluation.

Changes since the last release are described in the Release Notes.

  1. Atom and molecule selection
    1. Base residues
    2. Atom selection
    3. Packing diagrams
    4. Packing slices
    5. Network expansion
    6. Editing the molecule list
  2. Geometric objects and measurements
  3. Hydrogen atom positions
  4. Intermolecular contacts and hydrogen bonds
    1. Intermolecular contacts
    2. Hydrogen bonds
    3. Graph Sets
  5. Rendering options
    1. Plot styles
    2. Labelling and annotation
    3. Colour modes