Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, University of California, San Diego, 1997 -present

, National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure, October 1997-present
Director, San Diego Supercomputer Center, March 1985-1995, 1997-present
Led the effort to establish the National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure (NPACI). Fully responsible for the defining the vision and strategic direction of the Partnership as well as routine management and oversight of all partnership activities. NPACI brought together 37 academic and research institutions in 18 states, building on the foundation of the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC). Research areas of emphasis include data-intensive computing, interaction environments, metasystems, programming tools and environments, earth systems science, engineering, molecular science, neuroscience, education, outreach, and training. The NPACI partnership is a national leader in promoting high performance computing for the sciences, social sciences, humanities, government, and industry. NPACI has grown to include participants at almost 50 institutions including several international affiliates. National Science Foundation funding for NPACI is approximately $35 million per year with an expected lifetime of ten years.

Conceived, developed, and implemented SDSC, a National Laboratory for Computational Science and Engineering. Fully responsible for defining the vision and strategic direction of the organization including selection of areas of technical emphasis, recruiting of research staff, as well as program development and supervision of all routine operations. Computer Science research areas of emphasis include scalable parallel computing, networking, graphics and visualization, data bases, archival storage, and computer security. Application research areas of emphasis include biology, biomedicine, chemistry, and environmental sciences. Current staff level at SDSC is nearly 300 FTE with an annual budget of almost $60 million. In addition to research, SDSC operations support the high performance computing needs of the broad national academic research community.

Under Dr. Karin’s leadership and guidance at SDSC, several leading research efforts were established and continue to thrive. These include the National Laboratory for Applied Network Research (PI Hans-Werner Braun), the Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis (PI Kimberly Claffy), the National Biomedical Computation Research Resource (Original PI Sidney Karin, current PI Peter Arzberger), the Center for Macromolecular Structure (PI Susan Taylor and Lynn TenEyck), the Pacific Institute for Computer Security (PI Karin), and several others. In addition, a number of independent efforts have been commercially spun off, including DISCOS (now Unitree), SkyDesk, Interactive Simulations (now part of Elsevier), MP3.com, Cerfnet (now part of AT&T) and several others.

Adjunct Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, University of California, San Diego, 1986-1997
Director, Information Systems Division/General Atomics, March 1982-March 1985
Directed a staff of approximately 60. Responsible for all company computer systems used for large- and small-scale scientific and engineering calculations, business and financial computing, management information systems, and office automation. Annual budget in excess of $6 million.
Manager, Fusion Division Computer Center/General Atomics, November 1975-March 1982
Responsible for this organization from its inception. Principal Systems Programmer for two years. Directed staff of six. Directed the growth of hardware through the acquisition of several million dollars of additional peripheral equipment and upgraded CPUs. Directed staff in developing a specialized database management system for a large-scale physics experiment, designed system, and directed implementation. Annual budget in excess of $1 million.
Senior Engineer/Section Leader/General Atomics, November 1973 -November 1975
Performed reactor physics and fuel management calculations. Developed methods and computer programs for these calculations. Supervised group of four engineers and scientists.
Computer Programmer/Nuclear Engineer/ESZ Associates, Inc., 1968-1972
Responsible for computer code design, development, and implementation, primarily for nuclear reactor analysis. Also responsible for all phases of development of a passenger reservation system for a travel agency and for a structural analysis code for a building firm.