My name is Oscar Arzu and I attend Sierra Vista High School in Baldwin Park, California. My freshman year I attended BP High, but transferred my sophomore. Maybe it was because of friends, or may it was because I thought I would get better grades, it could have been a little bit of both. In any case, I'm having a lot of fun at Sierra Vista.

I could still remember when I was recruited into to Upward Bound, it was two years ago. My freshman year when I was still going to Baldwin Park High. It was right after I took the Golden State Exam in Geometry. Me and a few others were given notes to go to room B-11. There, we were introduced to Carmen, one of the coordinators of Upward Bound. She told us all about the program, how we would have a lot of work which would compensate with lots of fun. We were going the go to the zoo, go on an overnight camping trip, and enjoy many other fun activities. Being the naive freshman that I was, I was very excited and "YES!" I was very interested.

That summer would be my first summer with Upward Bound. We were on site at Harvey Mudd College, there we would have classes in math, science, English, and Spanish. It was a grueling summer but fun summer. The work was hard but the fun did compensate. This is my second year and summer with Upward Bound. I came back because I knew that Upward Bound had helped me a lot, they also told me that I would be working with experts that would teach my a lot about computers. I'm sort of fascinated by the workings of computers so I knew that it was going to be an exciting experience for me.

So here we are, me, Jenny, Sal, and Rick working with Jayne Keller and Kim Baldridge at San Diego Super Computer(SDSC). We were already introduced to the InterNet once, before coming so to SDSC, so getting around wasn't hard. We were told that we where going to do many things with the "net", that's how they refer to it here. One project that we are going to work on is a science and chemistry page in the InterNet. Since Jenny and I already have some experience in chemistry we will work on how the page will look. Our objective will be to come up with a easy and fun way to learn chemistry. Sal and Rick, with there already increasing computer skills, will work on get the page on the InterNet. Our experiences here will be of great help in our ever growing world of computers.