X-ray Diffraction Evidence for a "Cyclotriene" Motif in the Molecular Structure of Trisbicyclo[2.1.1]hexabenzene: Bond Alternation After Mills-Nixon.

Burgi, H.-B.; Baldridge, K.K.; Hardcastle, K.; Frank, N.L.; Siegel, J.S.

Contribution from the University of Bern, Switzerland, California State University-Northridge, San Diego Supercomputer Center, and the University of California, San Diego


Benzene Structure with Localized Double Bonds SDSC Staff Scientist Kim Baldridge and UCSD Chemistry Professor Jay S. Siegel computationally designed and then chemically synthesized trisbicyclo[2.1.1]hexabenzene, the first simple benzene structure with localized double bonds. Synthesis of this kind of molecular structure has been a goal of chemists for over 60 years. The blue transparent shell around the molecule represents the total electron density at a specified contour level, while the inner net surfaces represent the highest occupied molecular orbital of this structure (the two colors are representative of the two phases of this orbital). Graphics generated by Kim Baldridge and Jerry Greenberg using QMView (Quantum Mechanical viewing tool).