Anthony Amaya

Hello, my name is Anthony Amaya. I am 16 years old and I'll be a junior at El Monte High School. The city of El Monte is located in the Los Angles County in California. I am also a student of the Upward Bound program in Claremont. My intership is at the San Diego Supercomputer Center in San Diego. What I would like to do after High School, I would like to attend a college or a university. I would like to major in Art or Computer Arts. I have really enjoyed drawing since I was a little kid. At my high school I am involved in clubs and organizations. This past year I was involved in my class club, Photo Club and Drama Club.

What I had learned here at SDSC was how to learn the computer. My mentor for the summer was Kim Baldridge. Kim has a Ph.D in Chemistry. What I did here this summer is that I did a project on Molecules. I got to learn about all kinds of molecules I had got to design some of them too. Also, what you see here is a picture of a nature scene that I made on the program, Aldus Superpaint. This program is a drawing program that can make you draw anything you want. Also, here is a photo of me that they took of me here with the Quicktake Camera.

This is my first summer in the Upward Bound program. Upward Bound is to help students generate the skills and motivation necessary for success in college. I know the Upward Bound program will help me get in to a good college. I didn't really know about the program until this past year. Upward Bound has really helped me in my academics for school. I know with the Upward Bound program I can receive a good education and it will prepare me for college.