Need to recreate a bit? You've come to the right location. Look below for a variety of links related to cigars and wine, the United States Civil Air Patrol, and paragliding.

  • Cigar Aficianado
    Online version of the popular cigar magazine. This site includes an excellent ratings section, news, tips, articles on how cigars are made, how to spot counterfeit cigars (yes there are fakes), and more.
  • Cigar World
    A full-featured site from General Cigar, makers of a variety of popular brands. These pages include discussion groups, cigar reviews, a cigar selector (to help you pick a cigar to fit your tastes, cigar friendly restaurants, and tobacconist listings.
  • Fuente & Newman
    Home of the Fuente family of cigars. The Fuente family makes my two favorite cigar brands including the Arturo Fuente Hemingway and Fuente Fuente Opus X lines. I'll take a Hemingway Classic or an Opus X Robusto any day.

     Civil Air Patrol
  • Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters
    Home of the CAP at Maxwell Air Force Base. CAP is the official auxiliary of the United States Air Force. It is a volunteer organization devoted to emergency services (such as disaster relief), aerospace education, and cadet training.
  • San Diego Composite Squadron 144
    One of a handful of CAP squadrons in the San Diego vicinity, Squadron 144 operates out of the U.S. Army Reserve Center off Admiral Baker Road, and is commanded by Captain Ian Tolentino.

  • Edel Paragliders
    Edel manufactures a wide range of paraglider models, from gliders for beginners, through high performance models for competition. I currently own an Edel Atlas and Woody Valley X-Act harness, both of which are excellent.
  • Rene Koster's Catalog of Paragliding and Hang Gliding Links
    Almost anything related to paragliding or hang gliding can be found somewhere in this extensive, well organized catalog of links.
  • Torrey Pines Gliderport
    Located less than 1 mile west of the University of California San Diego, Torrey Pines is one of the finest hang gliding and paragliding locations in the nation. Torrey sits atop a 350 foot cliff overlooking the Pacific. Their instructors are top notch.
  • United States Hang Gliding Association
    The USHGA is an organization which supports hang gliding and paragliding through pilot rating programs, instructor certification, training, insurance, competitive events, and informative publications.

  • Epicurious: Best Wine Producers
    A well organized page to help you locate the highest rated producers of any type or nationality of wine. Information on how these listings are compiled and who rates the producers is also provided.
  • Epicurious: Wine
    The main index into wine resources at Epicurious. It includes links to pages with food-wine pairings, a wine cook book, a wine discussion forum, and more.
  • K & L Wine Merchants
    In addition to Scotch and Cognac, K & L (as their full name suggests) also carries wine. In addition to an excellent selection of current vintages from domestic and overseas producers, K & L includes a listing of old and rare wines. This site also features a search engine.
  • Vintage Chart by Berry Brothers and Rudd
    Vintage charts provide hints about when a particular type of wine from a given region may be ready to drink. Some wines are ready to drink immediately after release, while others require a few years of cellaring. This characteristic is influenced by the region in which the grapes were grown, grape type, and the methods used to make the wine. Because of the latter, vintage charts can only hint at optimal cellaring times.
  • Wine Education Site
    Want to learn more about wine but don't know where to start? This site provides a collection of fundamental wine information. It covers topics such as how to buy wine, frequently asked questions, food and wine pairings, a glossary of wine terms, how to cellar wine, and my favorite Disarming the Snotty Wine Steward.
  • Wine Enthusiast Online
    This is a good place to look for wine-related gear including everything from racks, bottle openers, and glassware, on up to refrigeration units, and build-to-order wine cellars. Pricey, but often top-of-the-line products.