Find here a collection of online resources authored by me. Included are sites devoted to the Cray MTA (multithreaded architecture) machine, scientific visualization and data analysis, and courseware for the Java programming language. Producing web sites isn't my normal line of work, but these skills are sometimes tapped through the course of a project. To visit a site, click on either its image or title.


Cray MTA Reference
We are in the process of evaluating the performance characteristics of the Cray multithreaded architecture (MTA). This site was developed in support of the evaluation effort, and contains the largest collection of MTA material in the known universe. It is intended as a reference for developers and users of the machine.


Scientific Visualization and Data Analysis Resource
Funded by NAVO, this project involves the development of an online resource to support scientific visualization. In addition to online training materials and manuals, the Resource features a "wizard" to assist users in selecting a suitable visualization technique based on data properties and thumbnails showing examples of several scientific visualization methods.


Intermediate Java Programming
This contains an intermediate level guide to programming in Java. It includes chapters on threads, network programming principles, object concepts, and an overview of the Java Media APIs. Also included is a chapter describing the MPIRE Java 1.1 applet in the context of a distributed computing case study.