Welcome to the home page of Greg Johnson at the San Diego Supercomputer Center located on the sunny campus of the University of California San Diego. SDSC is the lead site of the National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure and one of the nation's largest sources of high performance computing resources and related expertise. This section of my home page includes links to information about me, my academic and professional credentials, and favorite links.

About Me

A tongue-in-cheek historical account of my years in existence to date.

Curriculum Vitae

As the name implies, this page contains an up-to-date list of my academic and professional credentials. Contact information is also included.

PGP Public Key

Need to send me something in secure (encrypted) form? Find my certified public PGP key here.

Public Links

Here you will find a collection of (hopefully) interesting links. Includes a link to a gallery of images found hidden on microchips, atomic-scale art, various cigar and wine links, paragliding related links, an annotated collection of scientific visualization links, and possibly even a few unexpected items.

Private Links

Through the course of my workday I often have occasion to use a variety of platforms. Unfortunately this makes access to my master bookmark list rather problematic. As a solution, I've developed this page that simply contains my list of bookmarks, including a few which include project status information and are not for public viewing.