Welcome to the image gallery. Here you will find a collection of computer generated imagery primarily related to projects I have been involved with. Selecting any thumbnail will bring up the full resolution version of that image. Selecting the caption under an image will take you to information regarding the tools and/or data used to create that image. These images were created from the work of the following individuals.

Molecular images Phil Bourne, Mike Gribskov, John Moreland, Greg Johnson and Helge Weissig
Visible Human images Jon Genetti and Greg Johnson
Economics images Richard Carson, Greg Johnson, Nicole Bordes and Bernard Pailthorpe
North Pacific image Greg Johnson
Volcano images Mitch Roth, Rick Guritz, Mark Astley and Greg Johnson

These images may be reproduced and used for noncommercial purposes only if credit is given to the author(s).

4mdh molecule 2cpk molecule 2mhr molecule hemoglobin
Visible Male head Visible Male torso Visible Male pelvis Visible Male feet
Visible Male mosaic Visible Female head interest rates history of the economy
pacific temp layers interior alaska Mt. Redoubt ash plume Mt. Redoubt ash plume