Welcome to the pickup depot. Below you will find a variety of items, including but not limited to: images and animations from various work related projects, a collection of AVS 5 modules, public domain software, and particular items for particular individuals.

Specific Items for Particular Individuals

Find here material made available to specific individuals. Note that access to these pages is restricted to those people with an appropriate passkey and a Javascript capable web browser.


A collection of computer generated imagery derived from work related projects. Included are images of molecular ribbon diagrams from the MICE project, volume rendered images of Visible Human datasets created with the MPIRE rendering system, results from the visualization of macroeconomics data, and more.


A gallery of computer generated and live action animations. Subjects include the Visible Man, macroeconomics data, and time lapse photography of a new wing at SDSC under construction.

AVS 5 Modules

A library of software modules for use with the Application Visualization System (AVS). AVS 5 is a popular system for translating scientific data into a graphical form. This library includes modules for cooperatively sharing visualization data and parameters, modules for importing and exporting Computed Tomography data, and many more.

Public Domain Software

A collection of public domain software produced at SDSC. Includes a prototype from the MICE collaborative environment, an up-to-the-second job monitor for the Cray T3E supercomputer, and a version of the MPIRE volume renderer for single processor Silicon Graphics systems.