Some cycling exploits

"I just want to ride my bicycle" Freddy Mercury

I recently set my PR for 112 miles going 6:20 at the 2011 Vineman in Napa. The above picture captures the "haunted" look of a cyclist near the end of the rope :) 2011 has been my "Summer of Mountains" so far I have climbed the top three Great Hillclimbs of America, ranked by vertical feet of elevation gain by they are:

  • #1 Haleakalea 10,023 feet of climbing from the beach at Paia to the observatory on top "The Longest Steepest Paved Road in the World".
  • #2 Mt. Evans, 7,400 feet of climbing topping out at 14,130 feet (starting at Idaho Springs and nearly 7,000 feet) "America's Highest Paved Road".
  • #3 Mt. Lemmon 6,800 feet of climbing from Saguaro dessert to subalpine in Tuscon. I also knocked off #7 (Mt. Baldy) and # 8 (Mt Palomar) two of the bigger climbs in SoCal as a warmup.

    In April 2010 I attended the Salishan Conference in Gleneden, Oregon by plane, train, and bicycle (for the last 110 miles) starting at 4:40 in the morning in San Diego and ending around 9:30 p.m. in Gleneden. It rained steadily during the ride and heavily (horizontally) towards the end on the Pacific Coast Highway. I took the little-used (and not all paved) Nestucca River Road pass over the Coast Range from the last Metro stop in Portland (Hillsboro actually) to intersect Pacific Coast Highway 40 miles North of Gleneden. The following slideshow (1 slide on computer science and 6 on cycling) was my "Random Talk" at Salishan.

  • Slides from Salishan Expedition (pptx)

    I am the cyclist on PMaC's Triathlon Team (Michael Laurenzano the run, Cathy Olschanowsky the swim); we won the silver medal at the Los Angeles Traithlon in 2009 beating 60 other co-ed relay teams.

    Though I am clearly a "rolleur" a cyclist who goes faster on the flats as opposed to a "grimpeur" a cyclist who goes faster uphill, for some reason I actually prefer climbing.
  • "Black Dog" my Trek 5500 climbing bicycle

    In June of 2006 I cycled up Mt. Evans, America's highest paved road (yes it is higher than Pike's Peak.)
  • Pix from ascent of Mt. Evans

    Here is a link showing the course profile of my favorite local climb, Palomar Mountain in North-East San Diego County.

  • Palomar Mountain is considered a reasonable facsimile of Alp d'Huez!
    Floyd Landis, who lives in the area, holds the record for the ascent of the upper section (South Grade Road) in 27 minutes! My record is 56 minutes :) Here is a picture of me and my cousin Cliff atop Mt. Palomar with "Antler Guy" at the 2008 Tour of California.