The images below are a stereo pair from the Visible Human dataset generated in realtime using MPIRE on the Tera MTA.

MPIRE is an interactive, distributed, direct volume rendering system. The user has a choice of rendering engines (splatting or ray casting) and a choice of platforms (Cray T3D, Cray T3E, Tera MTA or SGI workstation). The rendering engine is selected and controlled via a graphical user interface in the form of either a Java applet or an AVS module. Either interface gives the user direct control over all rendering parameters.

MPIRE on the MTA will be a featured demo in SDSC's booth at SC '98. The demo is scheduled for 11/12 at 12:00 p.m. on the SC '98 exhibit floor in Orlando.

Free-viewing instructions.

Disclaimer; I guess it's possible this could give you a migraine or cause your eyes to stay permanently crossed so follow these instructions at your own risk.

To see stereo (these images look a little dull until you see them in stereo, then they jump off the screen) make sure your web browser is wide enough so that the skulls are side by side. Sit about 4 feet away from your screen (a little farther than usual) and gently cross your eyes until 3 images appear. This may take some experimentation as to distance and degree of cross-eyedness. When you see 3 images just keep looking at the middle image.

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