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Tone Mapping of High Dynamic Range Images for Terashake 2.1 Data

This article shows the result of applying different tone mapping operators on HDR images generated by direct volume rendering. We evaluated a total of 24 tone mapping functions.

We input HDR images (given in OpenEXR format) to the tone mapping functions, which generate LDR images in jpeg formats. The input images are generated using Vista, which does direct volumne rendering on data given by Terashake 2.1 earthquake simulation. Below are some images generated by different tone mapping functions. The original image that uses a LDR transfer function can be found here (PNG / OpenEXR).

More information about the individual tone mapping operators can be found in this document.

Test results on synthetic data set can be found here.

Original Image (OpenEXR)
Original Image (OpenEXR)
Original Image (OpenEXR)

Ashikhmin's operator

Bilateral filtering
Chiu's spatially variant operator
Drago's logarithmic mapping
Ferschin's exponential mapping
Ferwerda's scale factor
Gradient domain compression
Histogram adjustment
Horn's lightness computation
Linear scaling (included for comparison)
Logarithmic mapping
Miller's operator
Pattanaik's multi-scale observer model

Oppenheim's frequency domain operator

Pattanaik's visual adaptation for time-dependent display
Photographic operator
Photoreceptor-based operator
Schlick's uniform rational quantization
Tumblin-Rushmeier operator
Trilateral filtering
Ward's contrast-based scale factor
Yee's segmentation-based technique

Vista command line options for generating the HDR images:

./vista -r 0.266 0.5 1.0 -g 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.0 -n 1 -a 0.0001 --tmapfile ./colormaps/sub-vol93_hdr2.cmp --raw 133 500 1000 --minmax -0.50 .50 -x 1280 -y 1024 --outmode verbose --outformat hdr -b 226 -e 226 -s 1 --camfile ./ --outbase ./vol_8th_5000b.hdr ./voly_8th_5000 --swapbytes

Example of tone mapping command line options:

tm_photographic -i "infile" -o "outfile"

Note: Yee's segmentation-based technique requires "-global" option enabled.

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