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Golgi Poster Image Collection

Two different protein components of internal cellular membranes called the Golgi region (green, red) and nuclei (blue) of cells were imaged. This region of the cell is important in processing proteins for trafficking to their appropriate destination in the cell.

Visualizations were created in a collaboration with UCSD Cancer Center, Digital Imaging Shared Resource.

Investigators: Maria Aparecida Pinhal in the Esko Lab, Dept of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, UCSD School of Medicine, with the help of Brian Smith of the Digital Imaging Shared Resource.

Visualization: Cameron Chrisman, Steve Cutchin, Alex DeCastro

All files are in PNG format. Please contact if you would like to obtain them in a different format.


16384x1228 16 Mb 2048x1536 0.9 Mb
4096x3072 2 Mb 8192x6144 6.5 Mb

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