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Team Members

photo of Amit

Amit Majumdar, Group Lead

Amit (PhD, Nuclear Engineering and Scientific Computing) has extensive knowledge in neutral particle transport algorithms using Monte Carlo methods. His experience in parallel computing includes machines using message passing and shared memory and vector computers.

photo of Dongju

Dong Ju Choi

Dong Ju (PhD, Mechanical Engineering) has experience in high-performance computing software, programming, optimization and visualization, and also in database and web programming. His engineering background is in nonlinear stress/strain analysis using finite element methods, acoustics, vibration, and control theory.

photo of Dmitry

Dmitry Pekurovsky

Dmitry (PhD, Physics) has experience in development,optimization, and performance evaluation of software for scientific applications on massively parallel computers.Dmitry's research emphasis has been on computer simulations in elementary particle physics (Lattice Gauge Theory).

photo of Wayne

Wayne Pfeiffer

Wayne (PhD, Engineering Science) has done research in supercomputer performance analysis, and was previously principal investigator for NSF- and DARPA-funded studies to evaluate a novel computer with multithreaded architecture. He also co-led the Joint NSF-NASA Initiative on Evaluation of scalable parallel computers. At SDSC, he has held various senior management positions, including Deputy Director of NPACI, the NSF-funded national partnership led by SDSC. He was also Deputy Director of SDSC, responsible initially for the entire research program and subsequently its technology components.

photo of Ross

Ross Walker

Ross (PhD, Computational Chemistry) is formally trained as a computational chemist but has diversified into the life sciences arena. He has extensive experience in Molecular Dynamics simulations and is an active developer of both AMBER and CHARMM. He has considerable experience in porting and optimizing molecular dynamics codes for massively parallel computers. Ross has worked with both message passing and threads-based programming paradigms. His research work is centered on force field development, QM/MM MD development, and enzyme reaction path modelling.

photo of Kenneth

Kenneth Yoshimoto

Kenneth (PhD, Biological Sciences) has production and reseaarch experience with scheduling algorithms/software, science gateways, and has supported computational science user community on a wide variety of high performance computing platforms. He has deployed production scheduling software for large scale HPC machines at SDSC and Maui High Performance Computing Center. He is currently involved in scheduling research for the Gordon machine and on a neuroscience gateway development project at SDSC. He has also participated in the Global Grid Forum working group (scheduling) and is a member of Sigma XI Scientific Research Society.

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