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Selection Process

Strategic Applications Collaborations/Strategic Community Collaborations (SAC/SCC) projects are selected jointly by SAC/SCC staff, SDSC group leaders, and SDSC directors. The SAC/SCC program is also coordinated with the NCSA SAC group as part of the SDSC-NCSA Cyberinfrastructure Partnerships Program (CIP).

SAC/SCC uses a combination of the following criteria to select SAC/SCC projects that:

  • Fit well with SDSC's vision of high-end and data-intensive computing, such as:
    • Producing, using, or sharing a large amount of data and/or data collections
    • Fully utilizing SDSC staff expertise and compute, data, and visualization resources
  • Have the highest possibility of specific, concrete success with a well-defined roadmap
  • Are led by PIs who are interested in close collaboration with SDSC staff and in incorporating the contributions from SAC/SCC staff in their production code
  • Lead work with code and software packages for the community
  • Involve new communities such as social sciences, economics, and others
  • Have an overall potential for significant impact

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