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Strategic Applications Collaborations

The mission of the Strategic Applications Collaborations (SAC) and Strategic Community Collaborations (SCC) program is to contribute to the computational science and engineering research conducted by academic users nationwide. SAC/SCC pairs academic researchers possessing exceptional scientific expertise with the computational expertise of SDSC staff.

Selected researchers come from diverse disciplines. These disciplines include the traditional High-Performance Computing (HPC) fields of science and engineering and new communities such as social sciences and liberal arts. SAC/SCC projects are true collaborations involving regular interaction between SDSC staff and academic users.

SAC/SCC aims to develop a synergy between academic researchers and SDSC scientific computing staff, to use SDSC cyberinfrastructure (CI) to impact the users' research most effectively, and to enable new science on relatively short time scales of 3-12 months.

The hope is to discover and develop general scientific computing solutions that will benefit the selected researchers and their general communities' HPC users.

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