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Project Impact

To achieve significant impact, Strategic Applications Collaborations/Strategic Community Collaborations (SAC/SCC) will accomplish the following:

  • Enable new large-scale simulations for PIs, comprising high-end computing and data cyberinfrastructure (CI) that had not been possible before. These large scale simulations will be accomplished by:
    • Improving parallel codes/algorithms
    • Scaling performance and data capabilities by incorporating MPI-I/O and/or data storage technologies
    • Facilitating large runs comprised of compute, data, and visualization resources.
  • Enable PIs to obtain and use allocations so they are successful in obtaining more substantial MRAC or LRAC allocations.
  • Collaborate with PIs to write successful allocation proposals.
  • Recruit new communities (social science, economics, etc.) to supercomputer centers and CI and significantly influence their use of SDSC CI resources.
  • Develop or implement new capabilities for users that allow for innovative use (e.g., workflow technology) of CI resources, including compute, data, and visualization resources; job submission; and data transfer.
  • Benchmark the PIs' current computational work to predict the use of future CI resources.
  • Adapt the PIs' current computational work for future CI technologies and SDSC resources.
  • Contribute to advanced user support by benchmarking activities, developing advanced technical tutorials, and presenting the tutorials at both internal and external workshops.
  • Facilitate demonstrations at Supercomputing and other conferences of interest to the PIs.
  • Collaborate with NCSA SAC staff on joint SDSC/NCSA SAC/SCC projects.

SAC/SCC will maintain and track internal progress reports for each project team member. The report will detail technical problems and improvements. At the conclusion of each project, SAC/SCC will provide written reports, graphics, and slides to the PIs and for SDSC's yearly report. Success stories will be presented at venues such as All Hands Meetings and Supercomputing conferences.

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