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Trestles User Guide: System Access

As an XSEDE computing resource, Trestles is accessible to XSEDE users who are given time on the system. In order to get an account, users will need to submit a proposal through the XSEDE Allocation Request System. Interested users may contact SDSC User Support for assistance on applying for time on Trestles (see sidebar for contact information).

In order to serve a large number of moderate-scale users and improve turnaround time, Trestles limits the number of cores per job to 1,024, caps the allocation per individual project to 1.5M SUs/year (gateway projects are exempt from this cap), and limits startup allocations to 50k SUs.

Logging in to Trestles

Trestles supports Single Sign On through the XSEDE User Portal and from the command line using a XSEDE-wide password. Users wanting to SSH into trestles directly will need to first receive a local Trestles password by completing the form.

To log in to Trestles from the command line, use the following hostname:

The following are examples of Secure Shell (ssh) commands that may be used to log in to Trestles:

ssh <your_username>
ssh -l <your_username>

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