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Trestles User Guide: Technical Summary

Trestles is a dedicated XSEDE cluster designed by Appro and SDSC consisting of 324 compute nodes. Each compute node contains four sockets, each with a 8-core 2.4 GHz AMD Magny-Cours processor, for a total of 32 cores per node and 10,368 total cores for the system. Each node has 64 GB of DDR3 RAM, with a theoretical memory bandwidth of 171 Gb/s. The compute nodes are connected via QDR InfiniBand interconnect, fat tree topology, with each link capable of 8 Gb/s (bidrectional). Trestles has a theoretical peak performance of 100 TFlop/s.

System Component Configuration
AMD Magny-Cours Compute Nodes
Sockets 4
Cores 32
Clock speed 2.4 GHz
Flop speed 307 Gflop/s
Memory capacity 64 GB
Memory bandwidth 171 GB/s
STREAM Triad bandwidth 100 GB/s
Flash memory (SSD) 120 GB
Full System
Total compute nodes 324
Total compute cores 10,368
Peak performance 100 Tflop/s
Total memory 20.7 TB
Total memory bandwidth 55.4 TB/s
Total flash memory 39 TB
QDR InfiniBand Interconnect
Topology Fat tree
Link bandwidth 8 Gb/s (bidirectional)
Peak bisection bandwidth 5.2 Tb/s (bidirectional)
MPI latency 1.3 µs
DISK I/O Subsystem
File Systems NFS, Lustre
Storage capacity (usable) 4 PB
I/O bandwidth 8 GB/s

Systems Software Overview

Software Function Description
Cluster Management Rocks
Operating System CentOS
File Systems NFS, Lustre
Scheduler and Resource Manager Catalina, TORQUE
User Environment Modules
Compilers Intel, PGI and GNU; Fortran, C, C++
Message Passing MVAPICH2, OpenMPI
Debugger DDT
Performance IPM, PAPI, TAU

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