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Trestles User Guide: Technical Summary

Trestles is a dedicated XSEDE cluster designed by Appro and SDSC consisting of 324 compute nodes. Each compute node contains four sockets, each with a 8-core 2.4 GHz AMD Magny-Cours processor, for a total of 32 cores per node and 10,368 total cores for the system. Each node has 64 GB of DDR3 RAM, with a theoretical memory bandwidth of 171 Gb/s. The compute nodes are connected via QDR InfiniBand interconnect, fat tree topology, with each link capable of 8 Gb/s (bidrectional). Trestles has a theoretical peak performance of 100 TFlop/s.

System Component Configuration
AMD Magny-Cours Compute Nodes
Sockets 4
Cores 32
Clock speed 2.4 GHz
Flop speed 307 Gflop/s
Memory capacity 64 GB
Memory bandwidth 171 GB/s
STREAM Triad bandwidth 100 GB/s
Flash memory (SSD) 120 GB
Full System
Total compute nodes 324
Total compute cores 10,368
Peak performance 100 Tflop/s
Total memory 20.7 TB
Total memory bandwidth 55.4 TB/s
Total flash memory 39 TB
QDR InfiniBand Interconnect
Topology Fat tree
Link bandwidth 8 Gb/s (bidirectional)
Peak bisection bandwidth 5.2 Tb/s (bidirectional)
MPI latency 1.3 µs
DISK I/O Subsystem
File Systems NFS, Lustre
Storage capacity (usable) 4 PB
I/O bandwidth 8 GB/s

Systems Software Overview

Software Function Description
Cluster Management Rocks
Operating System CentOS
File Systems NFS, Lustre
Scheduler and Resource Manager Catalina, TORQUE
User Environment Modules
Compilers Intel and PGI Fortran, C, C++
Message Passing Intel MPI, MVAPICH, Open MPI
Debugger DDT
Performance IPM, mpiP, PAPI, TAU

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