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Storage at SDSC: Quick Comparison

To secure your data, it is important to back up your data when necessary. We recommend backing up your data to your local hard disk or transferring to archival tape storage on HPSS. See the respective user guides for specific information on using the various storage systems.

Storage type1 Purged Backed up
Direct access
from compute nodes
Comments Recommended use
Online Disk
GPFS every 5 dys no yes higher performance than $HOME temporary storage of input & output files
$HOME no nightly yes 1 GB quota source code and configuration files
HPSS no no no tape only; SRB or HSI interface long-term archival storage
SAM-QFS no no no disk cache filesystem interface for faster access to frequently used data long-term storage of frequently-accessed data
1This table compares storage options that are available to users with compute allocations. See SDSC Cloud Storage Services for a detailed description of archival (tape), disk, and database storage solutions and services or if you do not have a compute allocation but would like a storage allocation.

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