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Sierra User Guide: Technical Summary

Please note: Sierra has been retired and is no longer available for FutureGrid computing. Please see the SDSC Resources section for HPC resources currently supported at SDSC.

Sierra is a dedicated FutureGrid cluster consisting of 84 compute nodes and two storage nodes. Each compute node contains two sockets, each with a 4-core 2.5 GHz Xeon processor, for a total of 8 cores per node and 672 total cores for the system. Each node has 32 GB of DDR2 and is connected via 20-Gbps DDR InfiniBand interconnect. Sierra has a theoretical peak performance of 7 TFlop/s. Sierra has two Sun x4540 storage servers at 48 TB each for a total of 96 TB of raw storage.
  • 84 compute nodes
  • Two quad-core 2.5 GHz Xeon processors per node (672 compute cores)
  • 32GB of DRAM per node (2.6 TB total DRAM)
  • Peak performance of 7 teraflops
  • InfiniBand DDR interconnect
  • ZFS filesystem with 76.8 TB raid2 storage and 5.4 TB of raid0 (for scratch)

The FutureGrid User Manual is the primary information source for Sierra.

Sierra FutureGrid cluster

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