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High Performance Storage System (HPSS) User Guide

Archive Migration Notice

SDSC has migrated from HPSS to the Storage and Archive Manager-Quick File System (SAM-QFS). SDSC staff will be responsible for moving all the data from HPSS to SAM-QFS.

Users are requested NOT to move their own data, as this will significantly delay the migration effort.

More Information

The centralized, long-term data storage system at SDSC is the High Performance Storage System (HPSS). SDSC manages one of the world's largest productions of HPSS, which currently stores more than 4.98 PB of data (as of February 2008) with a total system capacity of 25 PB of data. Data has been added at an average rate of 240 TB per month at present.

Recomended Usage Guidelines

HPSS is the archival storage for SDSC production systems. HPSS should be used for longterm backup for data. Because unaccessed files in temporary directories are purged routinely (currently, every 96 hours), users should make a practice of immediately storing important files after use.

Any allocated user can utilize HPSS. HPSS accounts for allocated users are automatically set up. Currently, there is no charge for HPSS service in support of allocated computing.

This storage system is very reliable; however, data can be lost or damaged due to media failures, system software bugs, hardware failures, and user mistakes.

Grace Period before Files are Deleted from HPSS

After your account or user number becomes inactive, your files are kept for a grace period of 15 months following the quarter in which your account or user number became inactive. At the end of 15 months, your files will be deleted without backup. After the files are deleted, it is impossible for them to be recovered.

It is your responsibility to back up critical data. Because of the enormous amount of data involved, SDSC does not back up your HPSS files.

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