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GPFS-WAN User Guide

warning GPFS-WAN was decommissioned in June 2012. Storage options are available at SDSC include Data Oasis and SDSC Cloud.

Transferring data from GPFS-WAN:

For moving files, users are encouraged to make use of Globus Online - a free, fast, and reliable service for large file transfer. This service provides a solution to data movement challenges over GridFTP by providing a robust, secure, and highly monitored environment for file transfers that has powerful yet easy-to-use interfaces. Globus Online simplifies secure data movement without requiring construction of custom end-to-end systems. For details about the service, visit

Steps for using Globus Online

  1. If you don't have an account on Globus Online (free), please create one at
  2. Choose sdsc#gpfswan as one of the endpoints. Set path as /gpfs-wan. You can also choose sdsc#trestles-dm as the end point, if you have an account on Trestles.
  3. A pop-up window requiring MyProxy details will appear. Please enter for MyProxy server, your XSEDE/portal username and passphrase.
  4. Choose a suitable destination endpoint to transfer your files.
  5. Select your directory/files and initiate transfer.

Additional information on Globus Online can be found at the XSEDE Globus Online User Guide at


GPFS-WAN (Global Parallel File System-Wide Area Network) is a 613-TB storage system. The system is physically located at SDSC and is mounted on Trestles. GPFS-WAN is recommended for long- or short-term data storage of high-volume multi-site runs, as well as for large XSEDE-based data collections. GPFS-WAN has three partitions, each with its own policy regarding access, allocation, and data preservation: 1) a Long term collections area; 2) a Projects Area; and 3) Scratch Area (for short term data analysis).

System Configuration

GPFS-WAN consists of p575 nodes with 16 GB of memory per node. Each node is divided into two Logical Paritions (LPARs) for a total of 32 NSD servers. There is a total of 2GB/s of bandwidth from each NSD server. The total capacity of GPFS-WAN is ~613 TB (RAID 6). All the nodes are directly and redundantly connected to the storage.

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