SDSC Thread Graphic Issue 13, April 2007

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Anke Kamrath

Subhashini Sivagnanam

Graphics Designer:
Diana Diehl

Application Designer:
Fariba Fana

Allocations Corner

Advanced Support Program Requests
via Allocations Proposals

—David Hart

Starting with the June 2007 MRAC proposal submissions, the TeraGrid partners are now offering all PIs who request computing and/or storage allocations the opportunity to also request in-depth assistance with their applications via the Advanced Support Program.

The Advanced Support Program offers collaborations between technology experts at selected TeraGrid Resource Provider (RP) institutions and users of TeraGrid computational and data resources to identify and pursue opportunities to improve researchers' codes and workflows. Because of the deep understanding of the capabilities of the resources, coupled with expertise in the computational challenges of engineering and the domain sciences, TeraGrid staff can provide specialized assistance to accelerate progress and to reach new goals.

Specifically, the Advanced Support Program associates one or more TeraGrid RP staff members with a user's project for a sustained period of collaboration, from several months to a full year.

Users who are requesting allocations from the MRAC or LRAC may request Advanced Support at the time they submit their proposals for data or computational resources. A request consists of an additional one-page justification for advanced support as an appendix to the standard proposal documents that are submitted to the Partnerships Online Proposal System(POPS).

Existing Advanced Support Program recipients (e.g., TeraGrid ASTA projects, SDSC SAC projects, or NCSA SAP projects) should work with their current TeraGrid staff expert to determine how and when to extend these activities via POPS.

Additional information is available at

The deadline for proposal submissions to the September 2007 MRAC meeting is July 13, 2007.

Contact if you have any questions.

Did you know ..?

that Home directories should not be used for Batch jobs
Home directories are good places for login scripts and source files.Because it is NFS-mounted (slower than GPFS), this area is not suitable for storing large amounts of output from batch jobs. Increased home directory quotas for non-I/O intensive work and CVSROOT area for storing CVS directory trees are provided upon request. Users can request the CVSROOT area by emailing Larry Diegel