SDSC Thread Graphic Issue 12, March 2007

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User Services Director:
Anke Kamrath

Subhashini Sivagnanam

Graphics Designer:
Diana Diehl

Application Designer:
Fariba Fana

Help Desk: User Questions

Frequently asked questions from our users

—Nicole Wolter

Dear SDSC Consulting,
Often when a user tries to submit a job on a resource an error such as the following is returned:

tg-login1 /users/uxXXXXX> qsub run.script 
Your job will not run Invalid #@account_no 'som202' for queue 'dque',
valid accounts for user <username> are:
No valid accounts found

This error message could mean that the account has run out of allocated SU's(service units) on the given resource, or the user may have entered an incorrect account. To check personal usage and all available accounts on a given system, a user can run either the command reslist, which will show local usage, or tgusage which will give a more complete view of all allocations for a given user name. A user can also visit theTeragrid web page and check their account usage on their personal Teragrid portal page. Teragrid portal can be accessed by logging in from:

Dear SDSC Consulting,
When an allocation is created, users will be added initially at the PI's request. However often labs change users and resource needs. How can a PI or a user with a pre-existing account add and remove users from all resources easily by accessing the Teragrid portal page.
Users with pre-existing accounts can add or remove users and accounts of the existing allocations at their personal Teragrid portal page. A user can access and submit the forms under "My Teragrid" by clicking on the "Add/Remove User" tab. User's personal contact information, PI's contact information, and Teragrid Project Number will be required to complete the form. The PI will be contacted with all requests and will personally need to create new accounts to add to the existing allocations.

Nicole Wolter is reachable via e-mail at

Did you know ..?

that SDSC has limited the core file size to 32MB.
To make good use of the core file size it is recommneded using the MP_COREFILE_FORMAT environment variable (or its associated command-line flag -corefile_format) to set the format of corefiles to lightweight corefiles.
See Thread article Issue 4, February 2006 for more details.