SDSC Thread Graphic Issue 12, March 2007

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User Services Director:
Anke Kamrath

Subhashini Sivagnanam

Graphics Designer:
Diana Diehl

Application Designer:
Fariba Fana

Word from User Support

Thanks for visiting SDSC's Thread User Newsletter! This issue features information on a new software offering at SDSC - "Star-P" - that provides a parallel computational client-server solution for products such as MatLab. We are also pleased to offer several upcoming outreach/training opportunities:

On the Allocations front, the Allocation Committee met the first week of March to review proposals and recommend awards for TeraGrid resources to start April 1. Total requests for SUs doubled since the last review cycle (from 74 million SUs to 133 million SUs). For SDSC's resources, DataStar was heavily requested with more than 17 million SUs, resulting in 13.6 million SUs awarded (DataStar had only 5.75 million SUs available so many allocations were split across other resources with available cycles).

I hope you enjoy this Spring Issue of Thread.

Best Regards,
Anke Kamrath
Division Director, SDSC User Support and Development

Anke Kamrath is reachable via e-mail at

Did you know ..?

Always use MP_INFOLEVEL environment variable or the -infolevel option when you invoke POE to help trouble shooting abnormal job termination problems, for example:
cp: cannot stat `/dsgpfs/username/dir1/program': A file or directory in the path name does not exist.
ERROR: 0031-250 task 160: Terminated
Setting either of these to 6 gives you the maximum number of diagnostic messages when you run your program. - Eva Hocks.