SDSC Thread Graphic Issue 8, September 2006

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User Services Director:
Anke Kamrath

Subhashini Sivagnanam

Graphics Designer:
Diana Diehl

Application Designer:
Fariba Fana

Word from User Support

I am pleased to share with you this Fall edition of the Thread Newsletter. It showcases some of the many activities within SDSC's User Services Division including:

  • A feature story on a highly-scalable 3D FFT module that was developed as part of a SAC (Strategic Applications Collaborations) program. We hope the modules developed for this project may benefit others as well.
  • A new type of allocation is now being provided by SDSC for "Data Collections." This program is well underway and is already supporting over 80 collections. Details on how to apply for allocations provided in this issue.
  • We had a number of intensive week-long workshops this summer, and as we enter the Fall we will beging our regular introductory training program - "Introduction to SDSC Resources." Please see the training section of this issue for more information.

Best Regards,
Anke Kamrath
Division Director, SDSC User Services and Development

Anke Kamrath is reachable via e-mail at

Did you know ..?

that SDSC has limited the core file size to 32MB.
To make good use of the core file size it is recommneded using the MP_COREFILE_FORMAT environment variable (or its associated command-line flag -corefile_format) to set the format of corefiles to lightweight corefiles.
See Thread article Issue 4, February 2006 for more details.