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User Responsibility

NOTE: After receiving an allocation, you must read, sign, and return the SDSC User Responsibility Form. The signed form constitutes your agreement to abide by the terms outlined therein. Notify SDSC Allocations with changes to your mailing address, phone number, or e-mail address.

SDSC's computing facilities are a vital but limited resource for the scientific community. If you fail to use these resources properly, you may jeopardize your current allocation and your ability to qualify for future allocations. In addition, misuse of SDSC's computing resources is subject to local, state and federal laws and can result in criminal liability. Misuse includes:

  • Using, or attempting to use, SDSC's computing resources without authorization or for purposes other than those stated on your application for computer time.
  • Tampering with or obstructing the operation of the facilities.
  • Reading, changing, distributing or copying others' data or software without authorization.

Any questions about the proper use of SDSC's computing facilities should be directed to SDSC Consulting.

Computer Security

All users must use authentication services when accessing SDSC resources. SDSC supports a variety of these including Secure Shell (SSH), Kerberos, S/Key and SNK. The simplest solution for many users will be to download SSH from SDSC's free SSH downloads page.

To keep your account secure:

  • Do not share your password or give it to anyone. The principal investigator can establish multiple login names and passwords to one account by submitting the User Authorization Form.
  • Never write down your password where others might see it. Do not post your password on your terminal or program it in one of your terminal's function keys. Never include your password in an e-mail message. No one from SDSC will ever ask you for your password. If your password has been compromised, change it immediately using
  • Do not leave your terminal unattended while you are logged in to your account.
  • Report any discrepancy between the amount of time you think you have used and your current balance.
  • Report any print jobs created from your login name that you did not request.
  • Report any moved, added, deleted or altered files.
  • Report any strange, pre-read or lost e-mail.
  • If you suspect a security problem, report it promptly to SDSC Security.

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