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SDSC Consulting

SDSC Consultants have experience in computational science and engineering on a variety of vector and parallel platforms. Our consultants are available to assist users with issues related to SDSC computational resources. Users are encouraged to investigate our 'Helpful Tools' section before submitting questions to SDSC Consulting:

To help us better answer your question, please have the following details ready when contacting SDSC Consulting.

  • Your SDSC login
  • The SDSC resources you are using
  • The software (compiler, application, library, etc.) you are using, including any options/arguments
  • What you are trying to accomplish and how you are trying to accomplish it
  • The exact error message or output you receive

Other Places To Find Help

Academic researchers at UC campuses may also find aid through the UCSD Research Cyberinfrastructure Program. RCI provides partially subsidized high performance computing, storage, networking, colocation and other services to UCSD researchers, and to other UC campuses and industry at very competitive rates.

The Strategic Applications Collaborations (SAC) program develops a greater synergy between the academic researchers and SDSC staff by helping researchers use SDSC resources most effectively to accelerate their research efforts. The hope is to discover and develop general solutions that will also their entire academic communities.

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