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Write Your Resource Request

Details for writing a resource request to use any NSF-supported resource are available in the NSF Teragrid Resource Allocation Policies. Reviewers have noted the following characteristics of well-written resource requests:

  • The proposals summarized the research in the context of the current state-of-the-art, outlined the computational algorithms to be used, and related these algorithms to the research subsections.
  • The reviewers were provided sufficient information but not overwhelmed by details.
  • Justification for the service unit (SU) request was clear and closely coupled to the computational experiments. If the committee will need to reduce the original request, it may be done rationally with minimum disruption to the investigator.
  • Previous allocations were summarized and related to the request in the current request.

Proposals for data allocations such as long-term storage, data collection hosting, and database hosting must adhere to SDSC Data Central's Resource Request Guidelines.

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