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Allocation Management

PIs can add and remove users on their project (user logins must not be shared). Other options are available to PIs for managing how their awarded compute time is spent; see the Awards Management section of the policies document.

Citing SDSC in publications

Once awarded, PIs are required to acknowledge support by SDSC or other centers in any publication of material resulting from an allocation.

The examples below can be tailored as appropriate to acknowledge multiple sites or to handle other situations. (Items shown in brackets should be replaced with the appropriate infomration for your research.)

  • "This research was supported in part by the National Science Foundation through TeraGrid resources provided by SDSC." (National allocation)
  • "This research was supported in part by the National Science Foundation through the San Diego Supercomputer Center under [grant number] and utilized the [SDSC system name(s)]." (National allocation)

Notifying SDSC of publications

SDSC and your science successes: before your publication is printed

To foster public understanding of computational science and the role played by SDSC, SDSC requests that researchers/users please alert us to scientific publications or presentations that might be of interest to the media, as early as possible before the item is printed or otherwise made public. Please send a draft of the abstract or article, the publication, and contact information to: Warren Froelich, SDSC Director of Communications and Public Relations,

After publication

Papers, publications, and web pages of any material (whether copyrighted or not) based on or developed under SDSC-supported projects must be submitted to SDSC Allocations for our records. Send papers, publications, and/or a list of web pag URLs to

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